Hello! I hope you have enjoyed Guardians Of The Veil, Book 1 in The Odwin Series.

I am delighted to announce the book is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book awards.



Ben Richards is an ordinary boy with hidden powers. After a strange dream one night, his life is changed forever.
He is taken to a magic school in The Forest of Odwin where a great darkness is trying to enter. Ben meets many unusual creatures and faces a great danger on his first day at magic school.
Guardians Of The Veil is a fantasy adventure based on courage, friendship and hope.

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Guardians of the Veil


Book 2, A Dangerous Mission, is now available on Amazon also.

Ben returns to The Forest of Odwin for more adventures. Having found an object from Odwin in his back garden he is burning with questions.
The witch’s power is growing and Oswald is looking for volunteers to go on a dangerous mission to The Forest of the North.
Who will volunteer? And will everyone return alive?

You can purchase A Dangerous Mission on Amazon by clicking the link below

A Dangerous Mission


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